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Count Your Lucky Stars by Alexandria Bellefleur

Yall. I am obsessed with this author. I'm only slightly ashamed of how much I love her writing. To the point that I placed an order at her local indie bookstore so I could get copies of all three of her currently published works.

I've previously reviewed the first two novels in this series: Written in the Stars and Hang the Moon.

Alexandria Bellefleur writes fun, flirty, contemporary queer romance. I knew based on prior readings that I'd love this novel. I've also been in a big second chance romance mood lately, so this was published at exactly the right time.

Margot, the best friend of Elle from Written in the Stars, suddenly finds herself without a roommate and the fifth wheel at every gathering. Her closest friends have all paired up. Annie and Brendan, the characters in Hang the Moon, are about to get married. When they meet with the wedding planner, Margot is equally horrified and delighted to learn that it's Olivia, her once flame and former best friend from high school.

When Olivia is forced out of her apartment, Margot offers up the spare room in her place, and shenanigans ensue.

I could never imagine what living with someone that I'm super attracted to, not to mention having a past with.

One thing I've learned that Bellefleur loves doing is placing her characters in incredibly embarrassing situations. In Hang the Moon, Annie had to pee when they were stuck on top of a ferris wheel. In Count Your Lucky Stars, Margot is on her way to the bathroom to have a little personal time with her favorite vibrating toy when they bump into each other and Olivia's cat bites the vibrator after its dropped on the floor.

I love authors that don't stray away from the cringe. It was such a hilarious moment.

I really, truly adore Bellefleur's writing, and I cannot wait until her next novel releases. If you're looking for heartwarming, funny, queer contemporary romance, definitely check out her work. I promise, you won't be disappointed!




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