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Book Review: The Kiss Curse by Erin Sterling

I loved The Ex Hex so much that before I even finished it, I bought a copy from my local indie bookstore. While The Ex Hex gave us a very satisfying Happily Ever After, I knew I would continue to read, especially when I found out that Erin Sterling had more books in this universe.

This novel surrounds Gwyn, Vivi's cousin. The prologue in the beginning goes back to when Gwyn was a student at the university. And boy, is she chaotic! Years before Vivi and Rhys met, she had a run in with Rhys's older brother, Llewelyn.

When The Kiss Curse begins, we learn that Vivi and Rhys got married in the interim between the ending of the last book and the beginning of this one. They are planning a trip to Wales, to Rhys's homeland, and Gwyn is bummed about getting left behind.

Llewelyn "Wells" Penhallow is Rhys's older brother, who has been working in the family's pub back in Wales. Business has been dismal, and Wells feels rather unsettled in his life so far. When his father comes to the pub one night, he suggests that he go to Graves Glen, start his own witchery shop, and put the Penhallow presence back in the town since their magic was eradicated at the end of The Ex Hex.

Oddly enough, his father agrees.

What follows is an oddly endearing story of two people that are such opposites that they can't help but attract one another. All while Gwyn's magic disappears.

Sterling does a great job of balancing plot with romance. There's just enough heat on the page that I felt satisfied, but it didn't feel gratuitous. I really love this series. It's whimsical and witchy and feel good, just all of the things I love about witchy rom-coms!

If you're looking for a fun, flirty, romance with a little bit of magic, check this one out!




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