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Book Review: The Shadows Between Us by Tricia Levenseller

Sometimes, you just want to read a book that you loved all over again. The Shadows Between Us was my favorite read in 2020. I love this book so much that when I found out there was a special edition with a purple cover, I went on a mission to find a copy!

Isn't it BEAUTIFUL?!

Touted as the Slytherin romance we've always needed, this book hooked me from the first sentence. It's rare that this happens. I knew from the very beginning that this was going to be a book that I absolutely loved.

One thing I like is that it's a stand alone. I have this habit of needing everything to be a series, but it was really nice to be able to enjoy a book that was simply one story and to be done with it. Tricia Levenseller is doing another book in this world, so hopefully we'll get a follow up!

This novel is a fantasy romance--right up my alley!

From the beginning, we meet Alessandra, who has ambitions far beyond what her father thinks. She does not love, has vowed not to love, so she figures why not seek out the highest position a woman in the land can get?

Alessandra wants to be Queen. She vows to woo the Shadow King, a mysterious man who no one is allowed within five feet of. Her father balks at the idea, but entertains his daughter's wishes. He brings her to court and is immediately flabbergasted when Alessandra insists on not being presented to the king.

Up until this point, all we really know about Alessandra is that 1. She's murdered a former lover. 2. She believes love only hurts you. And 3. She loves to design fashion.

When Alessandra doesn't present herself before Kallias--the Shadow King--he immediately becomes interested. She's wearing an outfit that is almost scandalous, one that isn't typical kingdom fashion. Before the night is out, Alessandra has managed to do the one thing no other person in the kingdom ever has: capture the king's attention.

Full of fake dating, mysterious magic, and a slow burn romance, The Shadows Between Us is easily one of my top five favorite books. It isn't earth shattering or life changing, but it is an incredibly enjoyable romance between two anti-heroes. I love it. It's the closest I've ever seen another author come to writing one of my future projects. I can't wait to share that with you either.

Thanks, Abbie



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