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Book Review: Spells for Forgetting by Adrienne Young

Spells for Forgetting was recommended by a friend. I pre-ordered my copy, not knowing that I'd be receiving a copy through my Fairyloot subscription box! This special edition is beautiful!

That said, stick around to the end. I'm giving away my regular edition to one of my followers!

I have discovered that I am a total wh*re for second chance romances.

That's it. That's the review.

Nah, but really, this book had just about everything that I wanted. Witches. Autumn. Long lost lovers reuniting. Murder mystery. Small town.

I've read Adrienne Young's Fable and absolutely loved it, even though I'd wished it was Adult and not YA. I'm finding I have this problem a lot with YA these days.

When we first meet August, he's returning to Saoirse Island, his hometown, and a place he never thought he'd return to. On his mother's last wishes, August returns to the island to bury his her ashes. But what happened on the island 14 years ago haunts him to this day: the murder of his close friend Lily, and the burning of his family's orchard, the island's lifeblood.

Emery had big plans. Plans to leave the island and avoid becoming her parents. But when her best friend was murdered and August, the love of her life, disappeared without a trace, all her plans went up in smoke.

The moment August returns, small town gossip ensues, and everyone knows he's returned.

What follows is a beautiful story of reconnecting with the past, rediscovering a love so deep not even magic can sever it, and the truth of what happened to Lily and the orchard that fateful night fourteen years ago.

I loved this book so much that when I got to the end, I needed more. I can only hope that Adrienne Young will write more stories in this vein, because this was fantastic!


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Abbie ;)



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