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Book Review: Sea of Storms by Lindsey Pogue

Look at this absolutely beautiful cover! After reading City of Ruin, I was excited to learn more about Killian, the elusive twin brother who showed up at the very end.

Firstly, this story has so much Norse mythology in it. I've always been interested in the topic, but haven't spent much time researching it.

Brynn and her sister are basically indentured servants in the cold north. They fight each day just to survive. When word comes that the Reaper is set to come to the workhouse they live in, Brynn and her sister flee in fear.

After tragedy strikes, Brynn wakes up in the one place she was trying to avoid: the Reaper's ship.

Brynn soon learns that legends aren't always what they seem. When she begins to fall for the dashing, mysterious captain--Killian--her entire world is turned upside down. Through tragedy, Brynn learns more about herself than she ever thought she would. Killian, too, finds that his once frozen heart can thaw in the most unexpected way.

Overall, I really enjoyed this novel. I don't want to give too much away because I think you should definitely read it, but I really enjoyed this new adventure by Pogue. I brought these books to my grandfather as well and he absolutely LOVED them!

There is another novel in this series set to release and I really can't wait to see what Pogue thinks up next!




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