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Book Review: Praise by Sara Cate

Y'all. Do you ever read something that absolutely shocks you in the best way possible?

A friend told me about Praise by Sara Cate. She outlined the premise of the story, what tropes it featured, and that she was so surprised by how well done it was. One thing I love to see in books is kink representation, but in a lot of ways, it's not quite done right.

Let me tell you. Praise is worth every. bit. of. the hype.

Charlie has to go to her ex-boyfriend's father's house to get her half of the deposit from their apartment. Emerson, her ex's dad, is a super rich dude who has made his millions in providing a place for people to explore their deepest inner fantasies. He's just about given up on finding the right woman.

His office is empty when Charlie walks in so she waits. When he arrives, he thinks she's one the girls sent from his service to be his submissive. "Aren't you supposed to be kneeling?" Charlie is like... what? But she does it. He praises her, and she finds herself surprisingly enjoying it.

This is such a fun meet cute. From there, Emerson gives Charlie a job and shenanigans ensue. I have to say, this is one of the best written books I have ever read including a praise kink. I could tell that the author really did the work to make sure the relationship was portrayed as healthy. There are so many little moments through this that melted my heart.

I cannot recommend this one enough if you're looking for a praise kink, bdsm friendly romance novel. I literally read this in less than a day.




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