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The Laws of Founding by Nicole McKeon

I've been wanting to read this one for a while! I met Nicole through a mutual friend a few months ago and had the honor of beta reading one of her current works in progress. The woman is an amazing drafter, so I was super excited to read what she'd published so far!

I was intrigued from the beginning. The main character, Allie, wakes up in a world that is not so different from her own, but it's definitely not the same. The first thing she notices is the decorations in the bathroom she shares with her roommate have been changed to a previously unapproved color. This little detail stuck out to me. The rest of the opening is full of little moments like this. Things that don't quite make sense.

Then a man Allie doesn't know shows up, and he tries to kiss her. She freaks out. They take her to the hospital.

All of this happens relatively quickly.

The next time Allie wakes up, she's in the hospital practically on lock down. One thing I felt was super effective was limiting the story to Allie's perspective, because the reader was just as confused as the main character, but not to the point where they'd want to put the story down.

A woman breaks her out of the hospital and this is when Allie learns that she's special. She's a Walker. There are many realms and worlds out there that regular people don't know about, but Allie and Walkers like her, they can sense the frequencies between worlds and can travel to and from them.

What follows is an adventure to find out who is trying to murder her.

Overall, I enjoyed the story. My main complaint was the length. It was much longer than I would have liked. This story fell more into the speculative fiction genre than romance, so that certainly didn't help.

If you want to support an incredible indie author, chec out The Laws of Founding by Nicole McKeon. It is currently on Kindle Unlimited!!




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