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From Page to Screen: Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

You guys, if you're thinking about re-reading Twilight, definitely read this review.


Yes, I was into Twilight when it first released. Probably because I was Bella's age when the books were coming out. As a 30-something... yeah, I'm not about this life. I literally had to force myself to finish reading this.

One of my bigger gripes is how terribly this novel has aged. As a teenager, I thought Edward was broody and protective and just loved so hard. As a grown woman, there are so many red flags that I surely would run screaming in the opposite direction.

Don't get me wrong. I love a protective man who claims their woman, but in re-reading this, I couldn't understand what Edward loved about Bella other than the way she smelled. He was controlling, insensitive, and arrogant.

Honestly the best part of this book (and series if memory serves me) is the rest of the Cullen family. Each of them have a more interesting backstory and I really would have loved to see Meyer write something from either Alice or Jasper. Instead... we got Midnight Sun. And the genderswapped one. And just... nah.

Also, can we acknowledge how Bella makes herself responsible for her parents in a way that is super toxic? Like she makes herself responsible for Renee's emotions and takes care of Charlie like he's a toddler. C'mon. That isn't selfless. That's toxic.

And why would people that have been alive for a super long time agree to go back to high school over and over again? You couldn't pay me to go back a single time.

As I've grown in my own writing, things like filtering really bother me and take me out of the narrative. There's a ton of that here.

One thing I didn't remember from my earlier reads is that James allegedly turned Alice. Yet... we never hear anything about it again? Like, c'mon, THERE is your story.

And I really hate special girl syndrome.

That said, it took me almost two weeks to get through the entire thing. I probably won't be reading this series again.


The plot in the book didn't change like at all to the movie, so I won't go into the story. I'll highlight some things I liked and things I didn't like.


-Robert Pattinson. Just... *waves hand*

-I used to think Kristen Stewart couldn't act. But I've seen some of her more recent stuff and I have to believe that the directing of this film was the cause. I love her now.

-In the same vein, Catherine Hardwicke was the total wrong director for this film. The camera angles and jerky filming... Thought it would be enough to give someone a seizure.

-Jacob's wig.


-The baseball scene. It's filmed really well and underscored and all around fun. But, that included all of the Cullens, which is why I think I liked it so much.

-The soundtrack. There are so many amazing songs. Many that I've used to write myself.

-Alice & Jasper. Rosalie & Emmett. Carlisle & Esme.

-Billy Burke. I love him in everything.


Just... don't.



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