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Carry On

My content here is usually all books and writing, but I felt the need to share my thoughts and feelings about one of the my favorite shows ending after fifteen seasons–Supernatural.

I wasn’t an original fan. Honestly, I thought the show would have a silly spin since it was on the CW, but a friend introduced me to it and I was hooked!

So after ten years of being a loyal fan and enjoying the finale, I get online and see the commentary of fans who claimed to be a part of the #SPNFamily spewing off about the finale…and it really bothered me.

The second to last episode of season 15 was amazing. It brought the penultimate fight to the precipice–SPOILER: The good guys won!–and ended with a beautiful montage celebrating fifteen (FIFTEEN!!) years of storytelling. I would have 100% been happy with that ending, because that was the ending the fans deserved. To ride off into the sunset with your best friend in “Baby” and call it a day.

The finale episode is the one Sam & Dean deserved.

Can you imagine working on a show for fifteen years? A show that never would have survived after seasons six and seven if not for its fiercely loyal fanbase? Only to have fans moan and groan because this happened or that didn’t happen.

The final episode of Supernatural was true to the characters.


When you think about the characters logically, it makes 100% sense that Sam would stick with Dean through anything. It also makes 100% sense that Dean would die doing what he loved–“Saving People, Hunting Things”–and that he would make Sam promise to continue on (“ALWAYS KEEP FIGHTING”). It makes sense that Sam would eventually settle down–that is all that Sam ever wanted prior to Dean showing up in his dorm fifteen years ago. He wanted a normal life. And some fans claim he gave up hunting, but Sam’s son (Dean!!) had gotten the anti-possession tattoo just like his father and uncle! This proves to me that he passed on his legacy to his son, even if the show didn’t completely spell it out. We’ve seen on the show that it’s possible to have somewhat of a normal life–something Sam would have NEVER had if Dean lived.

On the other side of things, Dean got his happily ever after too! Him and Baby, on the open road forever in Heaven. How can you be mad about that?

Oh yeah, because you wanted Destiel. Look, y’all. I’m all for LGBTQ+ representation. Please, give me ALLLLLL of the gays. Representation is severely lacking in the mainstream media, but you can’t force things to happen in shows, no matter how much subtext is underneath. You got the “I Love You” moment before Castiel went away. Dean was always a fiercely heterosexual man. He loved Cas like a brother, not a lover. This is why FanFiction is a thing. Write to your heart’s content! Give them the ending you wanted!

Another complaint I’m seeing is that Castiel wasn’t in the finale. That’s sort of the point. The finale brought the show full circle, back to its basics of two brothers saving people and hunting things.

Supernatural started with Sam and Dean. It ended with Sam and Dean. That’s how it should have been all along.

Oh, and be glad Kripke wasn’t in charge of the finale, he’s already stated that it wouldn’t have been a happy one.

I hate that some people are comparing this to the Game of Thrones ending. Believe me, as a writer, nothing is as bad as that garbage! (#JusticeforDany)

All of this to say that the final two episodes made me laugh and then ugly cry (over and over and over again!). Dean has probably the most beautiful speech he’s ever given as he’s dying, but it still brings it back to the core of Supernatural: Sam & Dean. Brothers. Family for life, and Always Keep Fighting. It was a beautiful ending and the ending that they deserved.

That’s all. I look forward to rewatching the show in ten years, when this has all died down and I can revisit all fifteen seasons all over again.

Thanks for reading! More bookish content is on its way. 🙂




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