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Book Review: Water's Wrath by Elise Kova

Soooo... Earth's End... The war is over, but so are Vhalla and Aldrik.

Or are they?

To be honest, I was sort of looking forward to Vhalla and Aldrik being separated. One thing I really love about romance is the *tension* and when a couple is happy and in love, there's not much tension at all.

This book starts out with Vhalla at the Crossroads--a marketplace at the heart of the continent and the place where her friend Laurel died in book two. It's been a couple of months since she fled the north, after having her heart broken by the prince. The war is over. What else is next for the Windwalker?

Well, there's some awkwardness when she finally sees her friends again. Some of the golden guard, Prince Baldair's soldiers, find her, and then subsequently she's captured by these Knights of Jadar briefly mentioned in the prior three books. But! Nothing can stop our windwalker. While she is kidnapped, she subsequently escapes and returns to the capitol because that's where Aldrik is (oh and she's wanted for murder).

Out of the entire series, this book felt the most like a filler. That's not to say I didn't enjoy it. Mainly that there wasn't a lot of action going on.

The saddest thing really was the death in this one. Sigh. RIP.

As far as Aldrik and Vhalla being separated.... yeah that didn't last long. I would have liked a little more pining, forbidden touches, etc., but Vhalla and Aldrik are far too honorable for that sort of thing. Damn.

In the end of this one, our hero is betrayed and a new kind of hell breaks loose. Keep an eye out for my last review in this series: Crystal Crowned!



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