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Book Review: The Inadequate Heir by Danielle L. Jensen

I pre-ordered this book months ago so I could get the special pre-order incentive, which was a six chapter bonus starring Lara and Aren from the first two novels of The Bridge Kingdom series.

The Inadequate Heir runs almost concurrently from about midway through The Bridge Kingdom and spans to the end of The Traitor Queen.

Keris is Lara's brother. And the crown prince of Maridrina. Both things that he hates.

Keris has always bucked the system that seems against him. He didn't take part in ruling the kingdom--figuring that either one of his older brothers would live to rule, or he'd be killed before he could take the throne.

When, by some strange twist of fate, Keris runs across a mysterious Valcottan woman one night in the city, he becomes intrigued by her sharp tongue and clever mind. The two of them swap ideals, give each other intel, and fall for one another never knowing who the other really is.

If you've read Traitor Queen, you know the gist of Keris and Zarrah. Or at least you think you do. In truth, their story is far, far deeper than what happens in the first two novels in the series.

One thing that I absolutely loved was that Jensen ratched up the heat in this one! Not that the prior two weren't great (I thoroughly enjoyed them), but I really felt like there was little payoff. That is not the case here.

I have always had a love for Romeo & Juliet esque romances, and this story doesn't disappoint. While we know the overall world plots and things happening amongst the world, getting to dive in and see how Keris fell in love with Zarrah was incredible.

And.... Jensen left it on a cliffhanger. I'm dying to read the next!



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