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Book Review: The Fires Still Burn by Heather Carson

The finale of the City On the Sea series released!

At the end of book four, one of the key advisors of Brooke, the main character, was killed by one of the watchman when the "savages" from the sea cities attacked the settlement. With everything that happened, I really wasn't sure where Carson was going with the finale.

As much as I liked the first book in this series, the premise of this dystopian world, the finale fell flat for me.

Brooke is a strong, active character, but I really feel like the world wasn't developed enough to give her story this many novels. While I respect that this is an independently published work, I didn't really enjoy it. There was a lot of back and forth that made little sense in the romance, and I wasn't even really sure what that ending was.

That said, you might enjoy it. One thing I love about these novels is that they're relatively short, so you can enjoy them in one or two sittings.

Thanks, Abbie



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