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Book Review: The Atlas Six by Olivie Blake

Earlier this year, I signed up for Fairyloot's adult book box. I was super excited to see what kinds of books they would send out. First up is The Atlas Six, which fit the month's theme of dark academia.

Admittedly, I have never read anything in this genre. I began reading The Ninth House by Leigh Bardugo, but didn't get very far. I wasn't sure what to expect with this one.

This story begins when the mysterious Atlas appears at Libby's university graduation with an offer she can't refuse. Her rival, Nico, is given the same offer. The two have been at each others' throats for years. They have the same magical gifts and each tries to outdo the other. So when the offer is presented, Libby can't let Nico get one up on her.

The proposal is simple. Six initiates enter, spending a year learning under the Society--a group that maintains the lost library of Alexandria--but only five make it to initiation.

It is an interesting premise. From there, we are introduced to the other four--Tristan, Parisa, Reina, and Callum. Each have their own unique gifts. The six of them are to live in a manor house, learning about the mysteries of the universe.

What's more is that they learn the truth about initiation: one of the must die.

This novel had a very interesting premise. I'm sure that for those who enjoy dark academia, this was a great novel. There's intrigue and mystery. Magic and mayhem. But it lacked one crucial thing for me: romance.

Oh sure, there's some flirting and sex on the page, but it's definitely not up to my personal preferences. The story remains wholly political as each of the six tries to find their place within this group of initiates while also seeking out knowledge and furthering their own gifts.

Again, for someone who is a fan of the genre, I think they'd really like it. As for me? Well, the ending felt like it was just leading into a sequel with very little pay off. Will I read the next one? Maybe. But I'm not dying to get my hands on it.



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