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Book Review: Southern Magic by Amy Boyles

I'm not sure if you know, but romance authors hold a "stuff your kindle" event right after Christmas each year. Last year I loaded tons of books, but I ended up not reading most of them. Instead, I went through the list this year and downloaded a handful that I thought might be interesting. This was one of them.

I love witches and southern settings, so I figured this one might be an interesting read.

I was sort of disappointed. Don't get me wrong, there's something whimsical about the world created by Boyles, but the story didn't feel like it held a lot of weight.

Pepper is a seemingly normal woman who has some problems. In the course of two hours, she loses her job, her rent check bounces, and her boyfriend basically shoves her off. Then, she's attached by a stranger and flees in her car with a talking cat. Then basically the moment she ends up in the magical town where her maternal family is, there's a murder and she's being fingered as the perp.

If done well, this could have been a fun story with lots of hijinks, but it fell short in my opinion. There was barely any romance, more of just hints in a way to keep a reader going through to the next book, but there was so little I enjoyed that I most definitely won't be reading through.



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