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Book Review: Shadow & Bone by Leigh Bardugo

NaNoWriMo has kind of thrown me off a bit on posting, but I promise I'm back with more Friday book reviews!

With the release of Rule of Wolves, I knew I would need a refresher on the Grishaverse. I decided to read the entire series all over again because I couldn't really remember much of the original trilogy's plot.

Also the release of the Netflix show renewed my interest in this world. The show was SO well done and it made me want to relive the tale of Alina and the Darkling!

The first thing I noticed as I started Shadow & Bone was how quick of a read it was. Before I knew it, I was halfway through the story. One thing that I have always loved about Leigh Bardugo's writing is that she doesn't use purple prose. Every word is intentionally chosen.

After watching the show, how little we saw of Mal shocked me. Netflix did an amazing job of making Mal desirable--something that the books severely lacked. I'll admit, in my original read, I was totally Team Darklina. I didn't like Mal at. all. I was absolutely in love with the Darkling. (Spoiler alert: that didn't really change a whole lot. I mean cmon... Ben Barnes?! PERFECT casting!!)

Overall, I didn't completely connect with this story as I'd hoped. For me, the Six of Crows duology was much more engaging. That said, I still think the original trilogy is required reading if you plan on reading the rest of the Grishaverse. It's a good story if you're looking for a rich fantasy world to escape into--just keep in mind that it is YA!

Thanks, Abbie


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