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Book Review: Service to the Prime by Ginny Young

Y'all. I really don't enjoy posting reviews sometimes. As an indie author, I can completely sympathize with readers that don't enjoy my work. But I hate writing about indie books that I just did not like. Unfortunately, this is one of them.

Side note: I no longer post reviews to Goodreads. In the past, I had someone lash out at me for posting an honest (albeit negative) review and I just won't do it anymore. I share these reviews with Bookbub, but if it's negative, I usually just keep it here.

I received a free copy of this novel from a Facebook giveaway. I was really excited to read it because it was a dystopian romance. Dystopian is pretty much my favorite genre. The novel is listed as a "A post-apocalyptic romance." Cool, right? Something sorta similar to Guns & Smoke?

*facepalm* Yall. This is not it.

Dahlia has been living on her own for three years, since she escaped from a compound where she was basically a part of a warlord's harem. She's been scraping by and lives a very quiet life, until one day, she spies a helicopter over the city (town? It was unclear) and that's never happened before. Upon further inspection, a body is dropped from said copter and then shot at.

At this point, we know very little about the main character, with the exception that she's on her own by choice and enjoys a quiet life.

Yet, she helps this person she's never met. I didn't understand why she would stick her neck out for someone like that.

Dahlia takes this stranger back to her apartment without much hesitation and proceeds to allow him to recover. This didn't make much sense to me. Moreso, the demanding attitude of Vinn, the guy, made me want Dahlia to shove him back out into the streets to fend for himself.

The pair team up, Dahlia believing the promise of a better life where Vinn comes from.

It is an interesting premise, but I fear that the story was really lacking. I didn't quite understand the motivations of any of the characters. The romance was disappointing, and I just... I couldn't enjoy it.

I wouldn't recommend reading this book, unfortunately.



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