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Book Review: Pistol Daisy by Natalia Leigh

In doing genre research, a friend suggested Pistol Daisy as a potential comp title for Guns & Smoke, so you know I just had to go for it!

My biggest surprise was how short this story was. When I received my paperback, I was shocked that it wasn't a full length novel. I put off reading for a bit because of this, but I needed a bit of a lighter read, so I decided to jump in. I finished it in basically two sittings.

Pistol Daisy is a western novel. The main character, Daisy, experiences a great loss from the beginning. She survives with two things: her life and the name of the man who killed her family. Vowing for vengeance, Daisy finds herself in a ragtag band of Outlaws and comes across other pieces of the web woven in with her own story.

While I absolutely did enjoy this story, there really wasn't romance. There were hints of it, but only small glimpses and things that might have been.

The story ended on a hopeful note, but it didn't deliver on the initial goal: to take out the man who murdered her family.

All in all, I thought it was far too short, but I understand why. I feel like Leigh is angling for a large volume of books in this world, which I can't say I'm mad about. I look forward to the next novel and seeing if Daisy gets any closer to the revenge she seeks!



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