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Book Review: Murder for the Modern Girl by Kendall Kulper

An author I followed on Instagram read an advanced copy of this novel, and since I'm working on a paranormal romance series set in New Orleans during Prohibition, I definitely wanted to sink my teeth into it!

There's something about the glamor and art deco of the 1920s that I absolutely adore. Pair that with a murderous angel, and I'm sold.

This novel starts with Ruby, high society daughter of Chicago's attorney, as she's in a bar, plotting to murder a man. The premise is great. We learn early on that Ruby can read minds, which is how she picks her victims. Not in a stalky-serial-killer way, but rather as an avenging angel. She only kills men that are already plotting to do the same to women.

Enter Guy. He's got a special gift as well. Though he's working in relative obscurity as a janitor in a lab, Guy is working there to get close to the one person that might be able to help him figure out his power: transformation. Guy can change his features, his size, his voice. He can completely become a new person.

Their paths collide unexpectedly, and what follows is a tale of murder, mayhem, and sweet romance.

This novel had a very YA feel to it, even though the main characters were adult ages. That was pretty much my only complaint. If anyone has any suggestions on 1920s flapper romances, please toss them my way!




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