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Book Review: Misrule by Heather Walter

I received a free copy of Misrule from the publisher in exchange for an honest review. That being said, the moment I finished Malice, I jumped right into Misrule.

Aurora has been asleep for one hundred years.

Alyce has taken on a new name, a new court, and a new purpose: awake Aurora and save those who were shunned by society.

In the hundred years since destroying Briar, Alyce has become the Mistress of the Dark Court: the destroyed remnants of Briar. Imps, Goblins, Demons, Shifters... all races that were destroyed and exiled from every other place in the world find solace at the Dark Court.

When a young man washes up on the shore, Alyce brings him into her service. But what happens when he finds Aurora and kisses her? Breaking the curse that Alyce had fought so hard to break herself?

I loved every second of this book. I loved the push and pull. I loved the world building. I loved the imps and their mischief. This was a fantastic follow up to Malice, and it ended on such a beautiful note that I really would love to see Walter write more in this world!



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