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Book Review: Girls of Storm & Shadow by Natasha Ngan

This is the sequel to a book I read earlier this year called Girls of Paper & Fire, which was a fantastic young adult fantasy novel that I read earlier this year.

At the end of book one there's not really a happily ever after, but a happily for now. The main character, Lei, and her love, Wren, escape the wrathful king and ride off into the sunset, with uncertainty hanging heavy over them.

The first book was done so well that I immediately ordered the second. It took me a while to read it unfortunately, but when I started it, I devoured it!

This novel starts out with a surprise--the king's perspective. And he isn't dead. He survived Lei's assassination attempt at the end of the first novel.

It shocked me that that was how this one started. I wasn't expecting it at all. I don't believe the first book had multiple perspectives, but, book two does. Every few chapters, we see a different character from book one and where they're currently at. I wasn't sure if I'd like it, but I actually did.

The sequel novel is just as fantastic. We see the characters traveling as they try to bring others to their side. Wren and Lei are working to change the world, and they need allies.

One of my favorite things about this novel was the rag tag band that help Wren and Lei on their journey. Found family is one of my absolute favorite tropes, and it was done so well here. You have the badass, supportive female warrior, her smartass brother, a wise flying friend, and unlikely support from a man in power.

Toss in some shades of grey with our love interest--Wren--and you have a well written novel with lots of laughter, drama, and the exploration of self and who one wants to be.

This novel was so good I went ahead and ordered the third book. I can't wait to dive in!



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