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Book Review: Fire Falling by Elise Kova

After being so surprised by Air Awakens, I was ready to dive into Fire Falling!

The first chapter immediately reminded me of why I loved the first book: Prince Aldrik.

Recently, I reread the first draft of one of my future projects and I realized that he reminds me so much of the male main character from that series. Needless to say, my excitement was renewed and I devoured this novel.

I have a thing for dark brooding bay boys with a heart of gold. Prince Aldrik is that and so much more.

At the end of Air Awakens, Vhalla has been conscripted into military service to redeem herself from what happened on the Night of Fire and Wind. When this novel starts, she's preparing herself to leave with the military to fight the never ending war with the north.

One of my favorite thikngs about this novel was Vhalla's relationship with Larel, another sorcerer who is a badass and the kindest person in the world.

They all set ofthings together. While there isn't a ton of action, per se, there's a lot of traveling and a lot of getting to know the characters more deeply. I reached a point during this novel where I just had to buy the paperback copies of the books. I'd been reading them on Kindle Unlimited, but I just really needed to have the physical words in my hands.

The romance between Vhalla and Aldrik is a cross between two of my own favorite fictional couples. There's heat and playfulness and tension and all of the things that make a romance great.

This novel leaves off on a major cliffhanger, so I'm happy to say I already have the next book and will be diving in pretty quickly.

If you enjoy romance and fantasy, you don't want to miss this series!



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