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Book Review: Eidolon by Grace Draven

Last year, I read Radiance by Grace Draven and absolutely LOVED it! I knew there was a sequel, but I wanted to wait a while before I read it.

There is an epilogue at the end of Radiance, where Brishen's mother unleashes a darkness. I didn't realize immediately that there was a sequel, because I felt like Radiance was wrapped up so well that it didn't need one.

However, there was one, and I am so glad that I read it.

Eidolon picks up pretty much where Radiance left off: Brishen and Ildiko are living in their castle which is quite a bit away from the capital, so they haven't learned just yet what Brishen's mother has done.

When they do, however, all hell breaks loose. Brishen, the only remaining member of the royal family, is tasked with not only taking the crown, but saving the realm from a darkness that will devour everyone in its path.

One thing I really liked in this one was that we got perspectives other than Ildiko and Brishen. One of Ildiko's maids from the first book was charged as the nursemaid for the youngest of the crown prince's children. We get to see the fallout from what the queen has done from the perspective of someone in the capital. We get to see their flight from the castle as they have to keep the baby's identity secret until she can be reunited with her only living family member.

Conversely, we get so much romance and love between Ildiko and Brishen that my heart was fit to bursting by the end. I truly love the unexpected romance between them. It is so well done and I highly recommend this series to anyone looking for a romance that makes their heart squeeze in happiness.



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