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Book Review: Earth's End by Elise Kova

After that cliffhanger ending of Fire Falling, I couldn't wait long to read the next in the Air Awakens series!

I have to be honest here. I dove right into this book and read halfway through the last book in the series before I stopped to write my blog. So... some of the details are fuzzy between what happens in which book, apologies.

To me, that is one of the biggest compliments a reader can give an author, that they devour a series so quickly that they can hardly tell the difference between books.

That said, we've finally reached the war front. The end of Fire Falling saw my loveable sad murder boy Aldrick in peril. Oh no! Would he live?

I mean... he had to, there were still three books, but I digress.

When Vhalla awakens, she discovers that Aldrik is gravely ill. They're in the north, on the precipice of war, but the man she loves is *gasp* dying!

So what happens? Vhalla has to flee to the northern camps to find help!

I know this seems like I'm being sarcastic, but I promise, I'm not. I did really enjoy this book. Seeing Vhalla as she tried to save the man she loved hit something deep inside of me. Once Aldrik is saved and they get on with the war, there are more shenanigans and fun happening. We get to see Vhalla take on more of a leadership role while she tries to find her place.

Who is she? A commons? A Windwalker? The lover of the crown prince? Can she be all of those things?

Vhalla and Aldrik finally, finally, did the deed in this book. HOWEVER. It was fade to black. As a reader of New Adult/Adult romantic fantasy, I was really disappointed to say the least. I won't complain too much, honestly, though, because the relationship between the two them is a lot of fun.

There's a pretty epic battle toward the end of this book where Vhalla and Aldrik use their powers together. One thing Kova is incredible at is using flowery language that really pulls forth visceral images.

The end of the book was slightly predictable, but I was excited by it anyway. Aldrik is engaged to a northern princess, grants Vhalla her freedom and ladyship, and vows there was nothing between them. Dun dun dun!



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