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Book Review: Dark Shores by Danielle L. Jensen

A friend recommended this book. After reading The Bridge Kingdom series, I wanted to read more. Jensen is fantastic at writing male protagonists, so I was really excited to see what happened with this one.

I'm not huge on pirate stories, but I definitely started this one at the right time. The moment I first started reading it, I got sucked in. I LOVED that the main character, Teriana, was a person of color, serving as first mate to her mother, the leader of a pirate ship. The love interest, Marcus, is a soldier in the empire's army.

There were a ton of Roman references, which I really enjoyed. I like seeing authors take elements from historical cultures and building them into new worlds.

Marcus is being blackmailed by a very powerful man. So much that he has to influence his unit to vote for the man in the elections to put him in charge.

Teriana has a friend who lives on shore. The girl finds out she's being given to a man to be his wife, and Teriana tells her something she isn't supposed to: outside the empire, there are other lands. The empire has taken control of the known world. They think nothing lies beyond the endless oceans. To help her friend, Teriana gives her a way to contact her so she can leave.

This, of course, doesn't end well.

Upon learning this information from Teriana's friend, the empire begins taking out the Maarins, including Teriana's. To spare her people from further torture, she agrees to give away the secrets she's held.

Teriana and Marcus go together to the Dark Shores.

While the main characters were considered Adult by age, the book really read like YA. I'm not totally complaining. It was good, but I really missed the level of heat that's in The Bridge Kingdom. The climax of the story felt a little anti-climactic, but it definitely wont stop me from reading further.



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