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Book Review: Crystal Crowned by Elise Kova

Not gonna lie, after the fourth book, I was getting a little exhausted from this series, but I really wanted to get through it and see how everything ends for Vhalla and Aldrik!

This one had a bit of a slow start. There were a lot of logistical things to work through. I read this the week I was down with the flu, though, so I was able to wade my way through it.

When you reach the finale of a long series, especially one where there are wars and magic, sometimes, it can get overwhelming with how much goes into them. That wasn't the case here. I didn't find the prose to weigh down the plot of the story. The battles didn't drag on like in some other books.

But, to be honest, by the time I got here, I was a little tired of the series. I think it's a personal thing because I really love tension between the love interests, but Vhalla and Aldrik found their HEA in the last book, and this one was more about resolving the outstanding world issues.

All in all, there wasn't a ton in this book that really stuck out to me, but I was already so invested in the series that I finished it. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't earth shattering either.

There is a sequel series focused around their child, and I will one day pick it up, but not for a while.




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