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Book Review: Crooked Kingdom by Leigh Bardugo

Yall. Six of Crows was easily my favorite of the entire series so far.

(Also, ignore my wild eyes... I take this pics in batches and was tired at this point LOL)

Y'all. I was dreading my reread while loving it at the same time. There are some plot points in this novel that I hate, but not because they aren't done well. Because they break my heart!

So, Six of Crows left us off on a slight cliffhanger. Kaz and the Crows were denied the money promised to them for completing the Fjerdan job. You don't cross Kaz.

One of the things I really loved about this series is how artfully Leigh Bardugo sprinkled in the character's backstories. She didn't have these long, drawn out chapters where she recounted the things that happened to each of them. She put in small glimpses of them.

I think my favorite thing about this book was the romances. While the Grishaverse is not romance heavy at all, there's just something about Nina & Mattias, Wylan & Jesper, and Inej & Kaz that keep my little heart racing the entire time.

For most of the book, the Crows are in hiding because they are wanted by nearly everyone. From members of the merchant council to gang bosses in the barrel. Their faces are too recognizable. But somehow, the Crows manage to sneak through Ketterdam and get stuff done.

Kaz proves he is a mastermind. He always has a trick hidden up his sleeve, and you can never be too sure about when he's going to pull out that card. Inej is a badass. From her prowess with knives, to walking the high wire, I adore her strength and dedication to her skills. Jesper is.... *sigh* I just love him. He makes me laugh out loud constantly. Nina is a badass plus sized woman with a taste for sweets and Matthias Helvar. Wylan is a genius with explosives and science. And Mattias....


Leigh Bardugo pulled a George R.R. Martin.

Mattias was murdered in the final act of Crooked Kingdom. The love story that started well before Six of Crows began. Nina and Matthias fought against all of the odds and finally came back together. Only for him to be murdered by some nameless druskelle. I was heartbroken.


(This will come into play later when I review Rule of Wolves cause... damn Leigh Bardugo...)

Six of Crows is still my favorite, but I love getting to see these characters. They are well written, well developed, and there's just something about anti-heroes that I adore!



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