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Book Review: Air Awakens by Elise Kova

I've heard about this series for a while. A lot of folks suggest reading it if you like or are looking for something instead of ACOTAR.

I did not expect to like this book, I'll be honest. Typically, I don't like the over-hyped books I find on social media.

I was pleasantly surprised.

While Air Awakens felt way more YA than adult, I thoroughly enjoyed it. The main character works in the library--a dream, honestly--and is responsible for saving the life of the crown prince. There's just one thing: he's a sorcerer, and Vhalla is, too, though she doesn't know it.

What follows is a charming story of grumpy and sunshine, full of witty banter, changing opinions, longing glances, and lots of secrets.

Magic is something to be feared in this world, so Vhalla keeps hers a secret, especially because she is the first known Windwalker in a hundred and fifty years. She manages to put off having to decide whether to give up her magic or join the tower--a mysterious order of sorcerers that she's only heard scary stories about.

A mysterious stranger leaves notes for her in the library. Through those notes, the two of them banter and Vhalla learns more about her magic and its history. When the reveal comes that she's been corresponding with the crown prince--my heart melted. I have a thing for dark, sad, murder boys, and Aldrick almost perfectly fits the bill (he's missing the chaotic bisexual part, but that's fine, not everyone can be perfect!)

While the novel really felt YA and there was very little spice, I have hope that the rest of the series will make up for it. I will definitely be reading the rest of the series by Kova. She is a wonderful writer and every scene felt intentional and like I was watching a movie behind my eyelids.

Thanks, Abbie


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