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Book Review: A Winter Rose by Amy Craig

Widow Eliza struggles to raise her young daughter and run her Washington state flower farm. Julien, a charming Southerner with a knack for business, stops his road trip to help her out of a tight situation. He has no intention of sticking around a sleepy farm town, but Eliza's grit and dedication warm his wounded heart. Can they look beyond a business partnership and see the beauty of second chances?

I had the pleasure of recently meeting Amy Craig at our launch party for Guns & Smoke! We connected via Facebook. She is super nice!

When I connected with her, I noticed she had a novel coming out in July and she had a link for ARC copies available for anyone who wanted to review. So I grabbed a copy. I'm all about supporting local authors.

Admittedly, I am still venturing further into the romance genre. One thing I really loved about A Winter Rose was the small town feel. It had a lot of things that I really love in romance: struggling small town main character with a tragic past, mysterious bad boy that rides into town on a motorcycle, and a shared love of creating things.

Craig infused a lot of Louisiana references into the story because the love interest, Julien, is from southern Louisiana. I always love books that are set where I'm from or have a lot of aspects of the culture down here.

A Winter Rose was a very whimsical story, set on a struggling flower farm in the middle of winter. It's the perfect locale for two people to fall in love!


Thanks for reading, Abbie


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