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Book Review: A Broken Blade by Melissa Blair

This novel was all the rage on TikTok because the author was a Booktoker, but it was being sent out anonymously. I snagged a copy at my local Barnes and Noble, just because I was curious.

Honestly, I didn't know if I would like this one. Most of the time when I take recommendations from Booktok, I end up not liking them as much as I anticipated. This one surprised me!

Keera is a killer. Her official title is the "King's Blade." She's responsible for handling anything unsavory that the king needs done. She's a Halfling--born between two different races--which makes her the king's property. She trained in the Order and rose to the highest position allowed for someone of her background.

But she hates every minute of it.

The setup for this novel was done really well. First off, I love that she wasn't a super young character. She was literally at least 60 years old, though even she isn't exactly sure how old she is because she was a foundling when she was a child, left to die.

Keera is a complex character. One who struggles with addiction, trauma, and self-harms. Keera has been after her archnemesis, a man known only as the Shadow.

From there, Keera learns the truth about the world and remembers a promise that she made a very long time ago--one she's commiserated over for decades.

I really enjoyed this book. I thought I had guessed the identity of the Shadow early on. However, there was a twist that I felt Blair did a great job of foreshadowing from the beginning. I look forward to reading the next in the series!



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