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About the Novel

It is a truth universally acknowledged that a woman with a fortune is in want of a husband.

A new season looms in the Queendom of Kendramier where, beneath the watchful eye of a cruel Queen, society’s most eligible women come together to partake in the crown’s generosity, form alliances, and most notably arrange advantageous marriages. Among them, Lady Isabella enters her second season as the Queendom’s most coveted courtier. 

Though coveted by many, Bella is determined to forge her own path-- alone.

As fate would have it, on the night of the inaugural ball, her world is thrown into upheaval when Prince Rodryk forces her to dance with him beneath society’s watchful eyes. Known for sheathing himself inside any number of the Queendom’s pleasure houses and staunchly refusing any woman to show the slightest interest, it seems one lady has finally caught his wicked attention. 

Before she can publicly refuse him, darkness descends. An Astuzar--a race of ancient sorcerers hunted into extinction three hundred years before-- throw the ball into chaos. 

Charged by the Queen to discover the identity of the Astuzar, Lady Bella races against the clock to save her independence and her reputation. 

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Prince Rodryk, determined to free himself of his royal obligations, must uncover the Astuzar. Through blackmail, threats, and persistence the Prince forces Lady Bella into accepting his assistance, thus sparking rumors and speculation amongst society.

Has Lady Bella found her match?

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