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Guns & Smoke: Meet the Cast!

Twenty years ago, the world went to shit. Government representatives were assassinated. Bombs dropped around the entire country. Millions died. Lawless chaos rose up. Those who remained in cities fell victim to gangs of madmen who seized control of the world, from trading to the agriculture industry to human trafficking for slave labor. Life became about surviving, and the American Dream evaporated. They called it the Culling.

Guns & Smoke is a story of the ones who were left behind.


Bonnie is an outlaw on the run from her dark past. A fate worse than death chases her when she spots a handsome blue-eyed stranger on the streets of Vegas.

Jesse James

Jesse James knew only life on the farm in the sparse north. One night, flames destroy his world and he’s forced to flee with only the clothes on his back and his little brother, Harry. The last thing he expects when they come to Vegas is to be robbed by a beautiful stranger with hate (and desire) in her eyes.

Harry “The Kid” James

Don’t call him Harry. He goes by the “Kid” and he’ll set you straight. The Kid has seen more than he should at 10-years-old, but he’s the glue that keeps Bonnie and Jesse from murdering one another.

Will Ellis

Will Ellis knows exactly who he is, and he’s not ashamed to show himself. He grew up in tent city with Bonnie. His father is a murdering psychopath.

Sixgun Ellis

Sixgun Ellis is a certified psychopath, with a gun.


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